May 2024 – Update
Ukraine Peace Pole unveiling – Rotary 9510 New Dawn project.
On Friday 3 May the New Dawn – Rotary – Ukraine project team installed a Rotary Peace Pole from South Australia in the grounds of the New Dawn Charity Hub in Odesa, Southern Ukraine.  
This initiative is part of  “A Century of Service ”  100 years of Rotary in South Australia project. 
Our Centenary is a unique opportunity for rotarians to promote peace, particularly with our Rotary colleagues and New Dawn partners in Ukraine.   The photos and video below show the unveiling ceremony conducted by project team member Maurice O’Connell (from Adelaide) with New Dawn and Rotary District 2232 Ukraine members  “May Peace Prevail on Earth”
Rotary 9510 Peace Pole in Odesa, Ukraine
March 2024 – Update  
Community Centre for IDPs
One of the projects completed in March is a Community Centre for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Odesa, Ukraine.
In Southern Ukraine and as a result of the ongoing Russian invasion, many people, who have lost their homes and jobs are forced to move to a City like Odessa.  These people have no job, no money and are surviving on Humanitarian aid.
A Community Centre for IDPs was proposed.  A place to make food, (sell food in this case), wash clothing, laundry, get a haircut, buy groceries, buy clothing, use the internet.    A place to meet people of similar misfortune.
The New Dawn – Rotary – Ukraine project has helped fund repairs and provided equipment to this new Community Centre.   An opportunity for IDPs to use these services at reduced cost.  To create income and employment,  feel needed, use their skills and provide support to others in similar circumstances.
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December 2023 - January 2024 - update
The Ukraine Project Team has made good progress on humanitarian aid projects during December and the start of 2024.   Thanks to the financial support we have received from Rotary Clubs and other private donors.
Modular Medical Centre No 3.
In late December we completed the construction and delivery of a third medical centre in a village in southern Ukraine. Within 24 hours of its installation and the connection of electricity and water supply, medical services commenced from this facility.  Please view this video of Medical Centre No 3 in action.
Mental Hospital – Upgrade to Bathrooms and Shower facilities
Conditions at a Mental Hospital in southern Ukraine were in desperate need of attention.  The New Dawn - Rotary project team have now completed this project, with new tiling, pipe work and hot water system installed in the hospital bathrooms and shower facilities.
 “Toilets before Upgrade”  on Photo No 1   and “Toilets after Upgrade” on Photo No 2
Village School Projects
The New Dawn -  Rotary - Ukraine project team has commenced a series of regional / village school projects.  There have been many schools and public facilities badly damaged during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Working with local community leaders we have identified a number of schools in need of repair (classrooms and student equipment)  The first three school projects have commenced with more to follow in 2024.
“Regional School Project One”  – on Photo No 3  and “Regional School Project Two ”  - on photo No 4
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November 2023 - update
Adelaide Banker – turned - Ukraine Aid Worker Maurice O’Connell (New Dawn -Rotary Project Team member) Interviewed on ABC Radio.
Listen to the interview HERE
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September 2023 - update
New Windows – Regional Hospital
District 9510 received a Rotary Foundation - Disaster Response Grant to assist communities in the Southern Region of Ukraine.  The most recent project is the replacement of 40 large windows in a Regional hospital that were shattered during the conflict.  The project is in partnership with Rotary District 2232 Ukraine and Ukraine NGO New Dawn.  This hospital provides medical services to a community of 19,000 people.
Windows before
Windows after
Julia & head of hospital
Medical Centre No 2
In other developments, our district 9510 New Dawn – Rotary – Ukraine RAWCS project has completed the second medical centre in a regional village of 10,000 people.  This community currently has very limited medical services.  The project team has agreed to build a third medical centre for this community, to be completed in October.   Donations to support the people of Southern Ukraine impacted by the conflict can be made to Donations are tax deductible. For more information on the New Dawn - Rotary - Ukraine project - Tim Mee
No 2 Medical Centre
August 2023 – update   
New Dawn – Rotary – Ukraine Project
The Multi Club D9510 Ukraine Project team is pleased to report good progress on a number of projects during August 2023
Medical Centre No 2. (Under Construction)
The second of three modular Medical Centres, built in Odesa for a regional community in East Ukraine is now complete and ready for transport to the selected site.   This project demonstrates the capacity of Rotarians (in District 9510 Australia and District 2232 Ukraine) and our project partners, New Dawn (Odesa) to deliver Humanitarian Aid, on the ground in Ukraine. This Medical Centre supported by the local Health Authorities will provide Medical Services to a community of 10,000 people.   This Facility will become operational in early September.
                We are grateful for all the donations received from Rotary Clubs, Individuals and organisations who are supporting our New Dawn -Rotary - Ukraine Crisis project.   
Mental Hospital – Bathroom facilities
Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many health services have been destroyed or are stretched to the limit.
The conditions in some facilities with very limited government support are appalling.  The Rotary – New Dawn project team has agreed as part of a Rotary Disaster Response Grant, to upgrade the Toilets/Showers/bathroom facilities at this Mental Hospital in Southern Ukraine.  
Missile blast destroys Regional Hospital Windows.
Many of the large windows in this regional hospital in southern Ukraine have been completely blown out.  The Rotary project team and New Dawn are in the process of restoring new windows to this hospital before the 2023/2024 winter approaches.  Again, this project is being implemented with the support from a Rotary Disaster Response Grant.
Project contact person and donations
If you would like to know more or donate to the “New Dawn - Rotary – Ukraine Project”  Rotary District 9510
Please contact Rotary D9510 International Service Chair - Tim Mee  0418 814 856
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July 2023 Update
On 20 June 2023 a celebration occurred to mark the opening of a medical centre which will provide medical aid for a village of 10,000 people in East Ukraine.  The site was selected in conjunction with Ukraine Health Department. This is phase 1 of 3 of the project. Phase 2 has been ordered and Phase 3 will follow once sufficient funds are in hand.  This project is creating hope in the world for people of this village.  Please watch the short video of the opening. 
New Dawn—Ukrainians helping Ukrainians

New Dawn was started by Julia an Ukrainian from Odesa following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.  Her request for volunteers and a place to co-ordinate support for people impacted by the conflict was answered by locals. Initially based in School 35, in August 2022 they relocated to derelict premises which were made fit for purpose by volunteers. New Dawn received NGO status in June 2022 and this completed the transformation from a grass-roots volunteer movement to a more efficient and structured organisation.

At the heart of the work is distribution of 100 food aid packs a day to Internally Displace People (IDPs) in Odesa. Additional funding and volunteer capacity is used to deliver other aid (toys, bedding, candles, drinking water, etc) and outreach visits to 8000 people living in villages in the Kherson area east of Odesa. These villages receive no support from any other aid organisations and have no running water or electricity. They receive financial backing of two German groups, the Csilla von Boeselager Foundation and Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e V. These organisations fund the food packs.
RAWCS Project 58-2022-23
New Dawn—Rotary—Ukraine Crisis (ROAF)
Project Description:

To provide humanitarian aid through provision of heating, cooking, shelter, power supply (generators) and other essential supplies to Ukrainians in Odesa and regional villages. Working in association with Ukrainian not-for-profit charitable NGO "New Dawn" and Rotary District 2232 (Odesa)

Lead Rotary Club and District
Rotary Club of Northern Yorke Peninsula
Rotary District D9510
Project Manager:
DG Paul Thomas AM
0438 211 600 or

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations. .