In June 2017 Sir James Hardy launched a book at the Adelaide Naval and Military Club. Over 100 attended; many were yachtsmen and Rotarians. The book written by the author Trevor Gill was about the life of Jim’s friend visionary South Australian boat builder David Binks. It was entitled “Casting Off Tradition”.

A short time before the launch Trevor and then the publishers Wakefield Press offered to give David a proportion of the sale price of books sold to go to a charity of his choice.

David having spent a lifetime designing, building and sailing yachts felt it was appropriate to choose something related to the sea. At the time of the book launch David had been a Rotarian for 52 years. Much of his Rotary activity had centred on programs designed to assist young people.

David also knew that his friend Jim Hardy had been very involved in promoting the building of South Australia’s square-rigged training ship One & All. Trevor the author was also very passionate about the ship and had chaired the One & All board for a number of years.

David had seen first-hand the benefits sailing gives to young people and therefore it was logical he chose for the money from his book to go towards a Rotary program he would set up to send students on 5 day training voyages on the One & All.

The program was established shortly after the book launch and now enjoys the support of many Rotary Clubs, Schools, the Boating Industry Foundation and corporate sponsors (including Sealink) who have observed the positive benefits for those who have had the Sailing Experience.

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