Public Image General Information

District Public Image Chair for 2021-23 is Julie Johnson from the Rotary Club of Adelaide.
Contact Julie for all of your Public Image queries.
Phone  0475 686 151
Public Image Team 2021-2022

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the District 9510 Public Image team to enable you to put names to faces and also provide an idea of how we can help you. The team can provide guidance with all the areas which support your clubs’ public image - from questions about websites, social media, branding correctly, promotional products, content creation, through to event and project promotion.
Our focus is on building partnerships, utilising the strengths and skills of members across the district, creating partnerships, and most importantly strengthening the reach and visibility of Rotary in our community. If you need guidance or support and are not sure if we can help you, please reach out anyway and ask the question. If not us, then we can certainly connect you with the right person.
Those of you who already doing great things then please get in contact with us as we want to hear what you are doing. Let’s showcase Rotary Clubs who are doing great things – because the more ideas we can share, then the greater we can make the Rotary experience for everyone.
Team Members
Julie Johnson
Julie has been a Rotarian for 14 years and grew up as a child in a Rotarian family. Member of Rotary Club of Adelaide and President Rotary Club of Prospect 2019-20. Julie had the pleasure of promoting the first ever District 9510 Conference on Facebook and working with District.
Julie enjoys hearing and seeing some of the wonderful projects/fellowship activities happening within clubs throughout the District and is delighted to be co-ordinating Public Image Facebook page for the District 9510 this year. Julie is District 9510 Rotaract Chair 2021/22.
Connecting to Julie is a big part of the Rotary Family and is passionate about connecting people and feels by showcasing some of the great thing’s clubs are doing etc on District Facebook that Rotary Clubs can connect and reach out and share ideas. It also highlights to members of the public what great things are happening in their community and hopefully it will encourage new members.
We have a great membership/public image team and I’m sure you will all enjoy what everyone contributes and we invite you to message any one of us if you have something you would like to draw to our attention to share.
Alyssa Morran
Alyssa started her Rotary journey through youth programs starting with RYPEN 9500 and following in RYLA 9520 where she was sponsored by Rotary Club of Norwood and inducted as a member in 2015. During her time in Rotary, Alyssa has been involved in a variety of Youth leadership teams in District 9520, while simultaneously being an active member of the Rotary Club of Norwood. She has experience in various Board and Club roles including Public Image, Bulletin editor, Website master, Fundraising, Youth Director, Secretary, and President in 2019-2020.
She transferred to Rotary Club of Campbelltown in 2020 and has recently taken on Public Image Director as well as Public Image for the upcoming District Conference. Alyssa joined the Public Image District committee this year because she enjoys thinking outside the square and is passionate about providing clubs with tools, education, and support to create Public Image content to better promote the good work Rotary does.
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh has been part of the Australian Rotaract for just under a year. He joined Adelaide University Rotaract Club last year and took on the responsibility of Director of Marketing at the Club this year. He is studying Masters in Energy Materials at the University of Adelaide and will be graduating in December 2021.
He truly believes in the quote, “Rotary Opens Opportunities” as he experienced it first-hand. Coming to Australia with no contacts, family or friends, Gurkirat not only met like-minded people through Rotaract and Rotary but also a direction and motive to do something good and contribute to making our society better place than it was yesterday.
Ian Renshaw
Ian joined the Rotary Club of Castle Hill in 1985 and after 7 years transferred to Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise (5 years). A board member of both clubs – Vocational Service, Youth (Rotaract), Membership, Treasurer, Sargeant, Bulletin Editor. 9 years ago, Ian, Clare and dog returned to live in Adelaide – just a great lifestyle.
Re-joined Rotary as a chartered member of the Rotary Club of Seaford (November 2016) – Partnership Director (3.5years) with a passion of taking Rotary to the community creating many partnerships.
Ian is passionate about the Rotary brand, wearing Rotary, growing membership via Corporate Membership and club projects.
Duan Kereru
Duan has been a member of The Rotary Club of Adelaide since 2019. His venture into Rotary started with The Salvation Army where he currently works in the PR Office as the Relationship Manager Community Fundraising for South Australia.
His passion for people and helping others continues to be a part of his Rotary journey.
Duan is currently an active committee member with the Science and Engineering Challenge and Chairs the Club Communications Committee. Duan also contributes to the clubs Social Media platforms and is also one of the club’s photographers.
It has been a huge privilege for Duan to be invited to contribute to the Districts Public Image.
He is passionate about empowering others to engage, connect and share the enriching stories that Rotary has to offer in our local communities.
Tinashe Majuru

Hello! My name is Tinashe Majuru. l am an ambivert from a small teapot shaped country called Zimbabwe. l just recently graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Master of Accounting degree. l am a proud member of the Adelaide Uni Rotaract Club. l really look forward to working with the Public Image committee this year.
Tinashe is fluent with Instagram and TicToc and I'm sure will be an asset to our already great team.  WELCOME Tinashe.